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The CGI Work Order System
Yes, we take our own advice. In 2005, our team created a web application that combines all the key aspects of our business: client-interaction, billing, project management, hours tracking and more, into a single interface.

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CGI's Work Order System is a complete, web-based enterprise website management application that helps site owners plan, execute and deliver on their entire portfolio of projects.


Of course, this page also serves as a demonstration for the kind of solution we can provide for you. Imagine your organization with a single, customized interface that handles all aspects of hours tracking, billing and client interaction.

The WOS is highly scalable and can be modernized for your needs with JQuery tools like the ones you see on this site. Just call us to arrange a demo of the WOS as an idea starter for what you envision needing yourself.

The Work Order System(WOS) is a unique and powerful tool IM-Host uses that you can emplement to maximize your time and effectiveness as well as communicate with us - your hosting providers. By being able to create and implement strategies through our WOS, you can effectively assign tasks, create benchmarks for your business, and ask critcal questions from our competent support staff. You can also review your invoices, pay your bills, and manage your site all from one easy-to-use location.

With the WOS you can:
  • Get an instant list of all tasks, jobs or projects
  • Improve efficiency and guard against missed deadlines
  • Communicate with IM-Host staff
  • Assign projects to our programmers
  • Review Pay Billing
  • Manage Domain & User Info
  • Estimate external job fees where appropriate
  • Boost management effectiveness
  • Monitor task details & projects
  • And much more!

With the WOS you'll be able to effectively manage your site without a lot of fuss and hassle. You'll know exactly what's going on with projects, billing & more with a quick click of the mouse button! Combine that with IM-Host's fetaures and great price and you'll never have to use another web host again.
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Having access to project data saves our clients 1000's of billable man-hours per year.