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Data Storage
Data storage is an importart aspect of business to those who gather information in order to make better informed descisions. While storing bits and pieces of data is often no problem, massive amounts of data and the storage required to handle it takes on a whole new meaning of importance. CGI Pro can handle any amount of data, whether it be some simple page copy for a website, or a massive database of consumer information youwill know you are in good hands. We specialize in storing large, bulk databases so that you have the information you need, right at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

CGI Pro Data Storage Services

Data Storage From The Ground Up

Our servers range from Dual Pentium III machines all the way up to Dual Opteron 64-bit monsters. Each machine has at least 1Ghz of processing power, with our most powerful range of servers running with 5Ghz. If you need power and reliability for data storage, we can offer you both many times over.

The Platform That Drives It All

Fedora is our 64-bit operating system of choice. With Linux at its core, the most stable TCP/IP stack of all available server operating systems and a host of data management tools it is the ultimate solution for reliability, flexibility and performance. We use the latest release with all security patches and updates applied, as well as our own custom security. Securing your data is paramount to anything we do.

Terabytes of Space

CGI Pro can offer Terabytes of storage space if need be to house any and all information your organization has. Storage management has emerged as the key issue in today's exploding data environment. Hundred terabyte and even petabyte sites is not uncommon forcing managers to look beyond the traditional methods of storing and securing critical corporate information. CGI Pro has the ability to help you compete and succeed in any situtation.
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Data Storage For Your Business

Unlike other web design companies, CGI Pro has the ability to manage terabytes of information. Whether it be fully function media server warehousing 100's of films, or a simple 10 page database driven website. CGI Pro can manage it all for you.