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CGI Pro helps businesses and individual clients from around the world establish and maintain a professional internet presence. We strive to create professional websites and web applications that will showcase your products and services to the appropriate people. Our outstanding and professional design team will make your website stand out in a crowd and help you acieve the goals you have created! The goal with any of our clients is to create a site that those who visit it will want to come back to again and again.

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In the offline world, it's your first impression that counts. The same holds true in the fast and Flashy online marketplace. How do you impress discerning customers? How do you leave them with the appropriate emotion? How do you show them that your product will help solve their needs? To us, it's simple: Start with a great creative strategy.

CGI Pro understands that creative design is a key component to how customers feel about your business or product. Great creative brings your brand to life-instilling energy and excitement in customer relationships. Poor creative or poorly executed creative can sabotage all of your other marketing efforts. That's why we link our creative closely with strategy. By understanding your market's style and expectations, along with the differences between online and offline behaviors, we create marketing campaigns that meet your goals, and wow your audience into action.

From concept to execution, CGI Pro employs a full spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and strategies, including Flash animation, Java, and streaming audio/video. Utilizing the appropriate technology at the appropriate time, we achieve maximum impact for your brand message and produce quantifiable results with the least amount of waste.

We understand the different design needs of banners, websites, and everything in between, and we apply the same high creative standards to all of our work. All of our creative is designed to synergize with both online and offline product, brand, and positioning efforts.
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We create stylish and easy to use platforms that will inform, entertain, and inspire.

Web Design Approach

With our core strengths as project engineers and application developers, the style, flair and color of a site is a piece of the project we often share with local Portland area designers and our network of art directors. This matchup is made based on our clients needs, and we have often found ourselves being introduced to a project by a designer.