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Data Analysis
Data Analysis is the process finding relationships in data and interpreting them in a way that makes sense. CGI Pro's Data Analysis services can help you and your organization sort and align information that can be used in a way that is beneficial. Often, businesses will collect data, yet cannot find a way to utilize that data so that it becomes profitable. CGI Pro's expert staff will help make sense out of information the may seem non-important, irrelavent, or simply crunch numbers that may be too difficult or time consuming.

CGI Pro Data Analysis Services

Motivated professionals concerned with the well being of their business work in complex environments. To be effective, they must understand masses of data from a variety of sources and be able to leverage their meanings into positive business strategies. These models can be useful for predicting, but provide little insight into the actual meaning of the data.

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a statistics approach that allows the decision maker to not only see patterns and relationships in a dataset but to get at the causes and effects behind the relationships. EDA facilitates sophisticated understanding of what's really going on in a body of data.

Traditional statistics start from a hypothesis and test it by performing an experiment. EDA starts instead from the experimental data and asks what patterns, relationships, or trends they might hold-formulating a theory from the data at hand, instead of haphazard guessing and random experimentation.

Because EDA relies heavily on data display, makes few assumptions about the structure of the data and emphasizes identifying and describing patterns, it is useful to a wide range of professionals for pattern recognition, but may not wish to work with complex statistical techniques.

CGI Pro analyzes data to provide clearly defined information for business. We interpret and distill the meanings behind the patterns into specific strategies that produce quantifiable metric results for your business-helping you grow your company based on statistically proven facts.
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CGI Pro has the power to cruch huge amounts of data, making it possible to see trends and other things not always immediately visible to the eye.