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Data Mining Means digging out useful information
Businesses today know the importance of gathering information about their activities. From customers, to sales, to inventory, inforamtion is crucial to successful decisions. CGI Pro's data mining services have the ability to give you the power to make faster, better action strategies that can really give your business or orginization a giant lead. By crunching data, trends and statistics that may have not otherwise been unconvered become clear and can often turn average ideas into great ones.

CGI Pro Data Mining Services

Database construction has gradually taken over digital information tools in pursuit of efficiency and profit. Meanwhile, mountains of data have been gathering. The realization is spreading that these mountains of data are filled with gold.

Marketers who recognize data mining's vast commercial potential see it as more than black and white. They see green in the science's potential to create higher margins and inflate revenue.

Department stores, supermarkets and other brick-and-mortar retailers have used data mining to guess customer buying habits for years, but relatively few online retailers and content producers have fully utilized the research technique. That's partly because the practice--involving intricate algorithms--is complicated and poorly understood. Complexities aside, the demand for data mining's benefits are widely starting to find its way into the mainstream.

Through data mining, CGI Pro can target users with personalized stock quotes, news updates, special promotions and other information they are most likely to use, dramatically reducing advertising budgets and boosting revenue. Data mining is also entirely automated, reacting instantly to changes in behavior, unlike the vast majority of personalized services on the Web today that require user input for questionnaires.

The use of data mining can significantly increase the value of your marketing dollar by approaching targeted, qualified customers specifically interested in your product-ultimately increasing the conversion rate of leads to sales and encouraging revenue growth.
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Imagine being able to view trends not normally seen via standard graphs and reports. CGI Pro can "mine" your company's data for facts and figures that could be crucial to the everyday business decisions you make.