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About CGIpro
CGI Pro is a full service interactive agency for all of your design and marketing needs. We have serviced hundreds of clients since commercial web design has been in existence, combining competencies in web design, marketing and business logistics. So what we are really about is making YOUR endevor a success.

About CGIpro

CGIpro offers a wide range of services, including retained webmastery, mobile web application development, comprehensive online marketing, social media consultation, ecommerce web site design and professional web application development.

Understanding your Business

Unlike many pure programming firms, CGIpro speaks the language of business. As our client, you will receive attention from your account representative that goes beyond just building a site. We pay attention to your results by understanding your goals and partnering with you as valuable web technology and online marketing specialists. The size of your business doesn't matter. What matters is that we can help you find and secure new market space for your offering on the web and beyond.

Web-Enabling your Business

What does web-enabling mean? It means that we work with you to leverage all the assets of your business by turning your website into a communication portal between you and your audience. In many cases, your audience might be your own sales force, employees, and vendors as well as the visiting public. Web-enablement is a code word for making all your business applications completely portable, and creating new levels of access into your applications that empower your customer service potential. Imagine having all your customers/members/subscribers accessible from the web and sending them all email to announce a new product at your store? Imagine allowing your customers to update their own information online. Imagine being able to track your field employees, salespeople and vendors as they also update their activities on your site. Track their hours, invoice your clients, update your inventory and blog your thoughts!

Promoting your Business

CGIpro started out building portals that highlight specialty emerging markets on the web. As the builder of a family of free ads sites, we discovered special ways to promote our clients on the search engines in an unmatched way, virtually guaranteeing first page placement. Today we stand unique in the marketplace as a full service online marketing agency with special skills in search engine placement, optimization, pay-per-click advertising and viral techniques. Local business experts in the Portland Oregon area can also benefit from our LocaSource direct journalism platform, establishing themselves as recognized experts in the community, starting with the search engines.

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27 Years of Service

Since 1996, CGI Pro has been servicing people of vision. From the early stages of community and e-commerce, through the bubble ventures, and onto today's sophisticated web applications, CGI Pro was there web-enabling business ideas and constructing them into reality! If you have imagined an innovative business process and need to make it work on the web, then you are the kind of client we are looking to partner with.