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About Andrew Deal
It is important to know who you are working with. Since I want you to be a partner with us for the life of your web site, here is some important insight about what motivates me, and what my strengths are.

Let's Create Something Together

The best thing we can do in considering working together is to create a match. Is CGI Productions the best partner for you? Are you the best partner for us? Let's get down to what works best.

In that light, I thought leading with my personality profile as presented from The Flag Page Test wouldn't be a bad way to start things off. I highly recommend taking this test and attending Mark Gungor's seminars, BTW.

For more information on my direct qualifications, you can check out my Managment CV, or my Technical Resume. I also write occasionally on the following blogs: I would like to write more about faith, politics and where I see things are headed in modern civilization, but that breaks the theme of the blogs above, so you will generally find me ranting instead on Facebook and Twitter on these things.

To close, here are a couple more screenshots from my Flag Test.