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Got Ajax problems with IE? maybe it is your Apache settings!

December 3rd, 2010
Author: Andrew

Yesterday I spent way too much time trying to chase down a problem for a new web project re-doing http://homeappraisers.com. All my cool state/county selection prototype ajax stuff was working great on my test server in all browsers, and fine on my live server as well, until my client tried it on the live server in IE.

After lots of scratching and crawling for answers, I finally discovered that the culprit was this one setting in my http.conf file.

# KeepAlive: Whether or not to allow persistent connections (more than
# one request per connection). Set to “Off” to deactivate.
KeepAlive On

I don’t know who turned it on when we set up that machine, but there ya go.

Turn it off if for some reason it is on on your server. Then be free to Ajax away

The Newest Member of the CGI Team

December 23rd, 2008
Author: Dan

Hi, my name is Dan, and I’m the newest member of the CGI team (not the Dan who posted previously on this blog). My background and current duties are in systems administration and programming.

My mantra is; “Empowering people with the tools necessary to achieve excellence”. I’ve learned that by making things simple and intuitive you can help develop standards while streamlining current processes. This saves time all the way around helping others become more efficient while resulting in higher quality.

Imagine a world where what you needed was simply where you needed it and not in a different program or 10 clicks away… With a well engineered solution and an intuitive interface, this can become a reality. Helping to save both time and money.

Enter the era of mobile devices… Over the past year, mobile devices have seen allot of growth. Gone are the days where we were limited to a few lines of text visible on a monochrome display while on the run. The success of Blackberry’s, i-Phones, smart phones and internet ready mobile devices have companies such as Google, Intel and Microsoft jumping in to the market. Undoubtedly these devices will continue to change the way we do business.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and innovative of the recent changes is the release of Google’s Android platform. Android is a free (Linux based) mobile phone platform. This means mobile phone providers don’t have to invest money in to building basic software to make a smart-phone work! This should help lower costs.

More interesting still is the fact that Android was developed to allow applications to speak with one another and share information. This is a much needed practical change. No more managing multiple contact lists or typing in names of contacts when scheduling events on your calendar. Yes, your maps program can now talk to your GPS providing pin point directions. But this is just the start; think of how mobile devices like this could help your business?

Enjoying Life in Business these Holidays

December 24th, 2007
Author: Andrew

Hello blog readersphere!

After a long time of letting this blog fade into obscurity, as so many are doing these days, we are slowly making a comeback with occasional posts to let clients in on what we are up to. Dan put up a great one last week. This one is brief, but just a reminder to all those who love toys and great gifts every year that this little workshop lives to serve those who need an inventive and cost efficient team.

I also want to just briefly announce that our CelleCast product launched in November and is building steam really well. Have a great time tomorrow and enjoy the new year.