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CGIPro announces the launch of Superior Exterior Systems’ new site.

December 3rd, 2010
Author: Andrew

Superior Exterior Systems (www.SuperiorExteriorSystems.com) provided us with a unique challenge in developing a new web presence for them, within a limited budget. They wanted not only a functional and professional design, but required that site content be easily updated. — so they could keep up with their ever growing & changing market and product lines they offer.

CGI Productions took on this challenge by designing a site which reflected their existing collateral materials (ads in the phone book and sales materials) in both color, layout and feel while integrating our ez-button content management system for ease of updating and managment of the site text. All of this was achieved within their tight budget and deadline.

The owners at SES can now update pictures and the flood of new testimonies coming in for the great work they do.

CGI Productions feels that our ez-button content management system is the best way for small businesses and managers to control their message to consumers at a reasonable price. While large scale CMS systems require hours and hours of programming, preset and complex database integration and exorbitant costs to clients. Our ez-button system is light on code, quick and easy to train clients to use, and is well worth the price. Often we hear from clients that it’s important to be self-sufficient as a means of saving money. We feel that by providing clients with this ability to manage their own content using our ez-button system, that we’re not only empowering them to be self sufficient to save them money, but it allows us to build better relationships with the client in helping them understand how their online presence is not something they should be afraid of but use to their advantage by easily editing and controlling it.

New Year, New Challenges, New Web 2.0 Services

February 13th, 2009
Author: Andrew

In case you haven’t already heard, there is a new recession in town. Just kidding. Well, what you probably haven’t heard is that until recently, CGI has been protected from the storm by a client with a huge language learning project called Echolearn. Unfortunately, for the time being, we have had to suspend that project even though it is 95% complete! Sad.

Well, the good news is that we are back on the market with a new set of wicked skills that can really give you the edge in your web presence this year. I am confident that once we let the cat out of the bag on our various combined business, marketing and programming skills, getting new clients will be no problem despite the shortfall in investments.

Now, some would say that getting new business is just too hard these days, no matter what your skills. To that I say, ‘horse hockey’! Smart businesses are not categorically suspending investment at all, but actually they are spending wisely on new ways to streamline their productivity for starters. This gives us great confidence, because this is our strength. We are experts in web-enabling processes that take up a lot of personnel time. Since the headlines are all about layoffs, companies need our services to close gaps in the operation created by these layoffs. We like to come into an operation, identify areas of inefficiency in workflow processes, and provide a quick solution. We can eliminate 2-3 FTE’s of waste in companies as small as 12 people.

Of course there are companies that spend well into 6 figures on these kinds of upgrades to their operation, but that is not necessary. Since CGI is a smaller operation, with long-term commitments to a short list of clients, we can perform at a much higher level of efficiency than our competitors, which translates into a better ROI for you. I will personally oversee your project and build a custom solution that fits your company values and mission. My team is available around the clock for support, but remains small and dedicated, which gives you direct access and zero bureaucracy.

Now, stay tuned for the next post that highlights our updated skill sets related to the media industry, mobile web, and data feed management. Plus, take a look at our recent SEO triumphs in getting 3-4 positions on the first two pages of a google search for Mobile Talk Radio. look for cellecast.com and fourthspeaker.com links there.