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Archive for November, 2008

So where is the mobile version of your site?

November 10th, 2008
Author: Andrew

As we are continuing with our work in developing both CelleCast.com and EchoLearn.com for mobile, we can now say that we have full expertise in not only making your mobile site work, but work very elegantly with your current web strategy. There is no need for companies to build a different site and manage the content separately, as long as you have a development partner who knows what we know: auto-detect browsers, cross-link versions based on cookies, use dynamic header/footer file includes, mobile SEO, and customize site based on handset type.

When you are serious about developing your web-app to work on the go, contact us. There are 40 million active mobile internet users in the US alone, waiting for you to catch on. :-)

Here are the key takeaways from Nielsen Mobile’s July 2008 report on the Mobile Web:
Key Takeaways
• The US, UK and Italy are leaders in mobile Internet
penetration. 15.6 percent of mobile subscribers in
the US, 12.9 percent of subscribers in the UK and
11.9 percent in Italy actively use the mobile Internet
• We believe mobile Internet has reached a critical
mass as an advertising medium in the US. As of
May 2008, there were 40 million active users of the
mobile Internet in the US, with individual sites that
attract millions of unique users. This provides
scalable marketing potential with demographic
• Unlimited data packages are an important part of
the growth of the mobile Internet and are
increasingly popular with US consumers. Today 14
percent of US wireless subscribers have unlimited
data packages, and 50 percent of data users say
they would prefer to have such a package.
• 3G networks are greatly improving the quality of the
mobile Internet experience and will help drive
customer satisfaction with mobile Internet. 3G
networks perform up to six times faster on data
throughputs used for mobile Internet than 2G and
2.5G networks.
• Yahoo! Mail is the most popular mobile website in
the US, with 14 million unique visitors per month, as
of May 2008
• Mobile Internet provides audience “lift”—added
reach over home PC traffic, at an average of 13%
for leading mobile websites in the US
• As mobile Internet publishers build out an
advertising inventory, advertising is becoming a
common part of the mobile Internet experience: 26
percent of mobile Internet users recall seeing some
form of advertising while using the mobile Internet.
Mobile Internet users are 60% more likely to be
open to mobile advertising than the average mobile
data user.