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Advanced Wordpress Development

March 26th, 2011
Author: Andrew

I have had a few inquiries lately on our experience with Wordpress. It is one of those things that we are called on to deal with extensively and creatively, but these kinds of projects rarely make it to our portfolio page.

For Wordpress integration, some of the more amazing things we have done in the last 2 years are:

1) I brought a fully pre-developed site design into a custom Wordpress theme, with all of it’s own session variables included, so the site has only one header/footer to edit.

2) Combined a fully functional member management system, built on our CGI codebase framework, that I have been tuning for ten years, into a wordpress environment, building in custom plugins and privacy security.
(you wont be able to enjoy seeing the details of course.. it’s private.)

3) FourthSpeaker.com is my company blog for a prior startup I founded where I built an auto mailer to go out to various groups of recipients. Blog content is protected by the ‘levels’ plugin, and the bulk mailer sends some groups a weekly newsletter, and staff a daily update.

4) Created a Wordpress friendly Google Maps reservation system for a storage facility that needed to work fully within a designers wordpress theme. Although I had to use an iframe at the time, for this to work on budget in wordpress instead of a plugin, (which I would likely not do again), I was knee deep in wordpress to make this work properly.

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