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Archive for December 22nd, 2008

Mobile Web - The Future of Business

December 22nd, 2008
Author: Kyle Wukawitz

As we progress into the new millennium the importance of staying connected within an informational based society grows in parallel to the advancement that technology affords it. The ability to stay ‘within the loop’ of 21st century communication will become exponentially paramount as a growing reliance on connectivity permeates itself through both the professional and personal realms of life.  Devices and the software that drives them will only continue to grow in both complexity and specialization so it’s no doubt that an environment as such would create a paradigm of ease-of-use versus elaboration.  It’s those that are able to provide services that bridge this paradigm that will lead the information industry into the next decade and beyond. Leaders, both professional and otherwise would be prudent to position themselves and their organizations at the forefront of the digital tsunami that will only continue to get larger and more prevalent.  Sink or swim will become the mantra of all brave souls who wish to compete in tomorrow’s informational network superstructure.

The ability to access one’s own information easily will be Paul-bearer of the 21st century technology.  Mobile devices are only beginning to bring forth the web to its users as they develop their infrastructures literally as fast as they can.  As wireless networks grow in both speed and reliability, organizations should see as steady increase of users who use their mobile devices as their primary access point to Internet.  The question then imposes itself….what does this mean to businesses that wish to capitalize upon this movement?  The answer itself lies within building applications that maximize one’s message within the mobile world’s boundaries to the best of their ability.  The mobile web environment is most certainly different than the Internet we have grown accustomed to over the past 10 years of so.  From the speed of the connectivity itself to the wide array of technical specs in terms of size and computing power from one device to another, user experience can differ greatly depending on ones choice of device.  To further compound the complexity of the mobile web, the industry at large has seemed opposed to any form of standardization that would help those who wish to develop rich Internet applications on their platforms as whole.  This resistance has posed a huge burden on companies because they must often create several versions of one application or simply forgo a popular device altogether due to limited resources.  The ability to navigate the seemingly endless one-offs can be achieved by developing simple, yet elegant web applications that intelligently adapt and capitalize on  hardware in which their being ran on.

Creating robust, versatile mobile web applications is the key to success for the future of any company or organization.  By developing a web infrastructure that caters specifically to the mobile web one will be able to establish themselves as a truly anytime-anywhere company that has embraced the mobile web in a positive way.  Future consumers will only grow to appreciate the organization that provided them with ability to access their goods, services, and information literally from anywhere.