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Stock Data Analysis - Using The Web To Crunch Numbers

September 19th, 2006
Author: Kyle Wukawitz

There are literally hundreds of sites on the internet that provide stock data. Getting information about a current stock you may be interested in or monitoring is not an issue. However, using their software can often prove to be a limiting experience. The user if often conformed to using their analysis tools. Tools, that while useful may not employ the exact strategy you wish to use. One of our client’s, we’ll call him “Dave” was exactly in this delima. He had his own specific formula he wanted to use to weed out bad stocks and trade good ones. With nobody on the internet able to provide the functionally he was looking for, he had us design a program for him.

CGI Pro went on to custom develop a stock data analysis tool for Dave that implemented his specific formulas to calculate which stocks would produce the best results for him. The program is simple - take a snapshot of the current market. Filter it through Dave’s algorythms, then make buying and selling descisions based upon the outcome of the analysis.

The results of Dave’s program speak for themselves. He is currently making a lot of money based upon the power of computers analyzing data in format he saw as valuable. Sure, the other companies online may provide great visual tools, yet how many of them let you flavor the analysis? Most likely - none. You’re often forced lockstep into a predetermined analysis that thousands of other investers and traders are using. How effective is that?

CGI Pro has the ability to create custom stock programs that you can use to pick stocks according to your rules. How often have you read a good book or article about trading and have been unable to employ the techniques mentioned on a large scale? Imagine what a computer can do for you - making literally thousands of calculations a second, crunching the numbers for you more accurately than you ever could by hand. If you are curious about how CGI can deploy your personal stock data analysis tool, please contact us.

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