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5 Reasons For Blogging in Business

September 18th, 2006
Author: Kyle

Should you use blogging to promote your internet business? Like anything else, the final answer will depend on a lot of things, but here are 5 reasons why you may want to use blogging as an internet marketing tool.

1. It’s simple. Even people without websites are selling things on the internet. The most common system is to set up a blog, a simple thing to do, on a subject with which you are familiar. Then, you join one or more affiliate programs for products or services related to the subject of your blog.

2. It’s real. Remember that part about creating a blog on a subject you were familiar with and enjoyed? That’s one of the keys to a successful blog. Others with the same interests will come by your blog over and over again to see what you have added.

3. It’s free. Most sites which allow bloggers to set up shop do not charge. Many have an impressive array of tools, templates, and features. In fact, many sites such as myspace.com and directmatches.com include a free blog as a part of their services.

4. It builds respectability. Once again, writing about familiar subjects and demonstrating your genuine interest in the topic creates an aura of respectability to your blog. Additionally, you may begin to become recognized as an “expert” on the subject and may get regular return visitors.

5. It increases market share. You cannot compete with Ford or General Motors - at least not yet. However, if you are providing valid, valuable information on your chosen topic and updating your blog regularly, there is a good chance that you will begin to build a loyal following. One common result of this is that somebody who visited your blog and liked it refers it to someone else.

There are many means of increasing your blog’s value and reach. Most of these are pretty much the same as what you would do to increase the popularity or search engine rank of any other website. However, with blogs, simply providing well presented, regularly updated, valuable content will probably do more than anything else to enhance your blog’s standing.

While you can see the value of blogging to enhance your internet marketing efforts, your blog may wind up being the only internet business you ever really need.

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