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Archive for September 13th, 2006

Blogging For Results - Rank Higher Now

September 13th, 2006
Author: Kyle

Below is a brief explination on how a blog can improve your ranking within search engines. Take it as you may….

Active / original blogs always receive backlinks from various sites, generally people link to the articles or blogs at the time of giving reference - You get a backlink because of posting good content.

Trade links with like-minded blogs. This plays important part as well, in simple terms you can say getting links from those with blogs that loosely cover the same topis you do. You get a backlink from users and your regular readers, just because the content is original and good.

Simple structure - Most of the blogs are CSS based and very easy for search engines to get through the content because there is not messy table structure, or javascript which crawler has to go through

The most important aspect of any blog is original content. Post it in a natural way and you can get lot of backlinks. The site can definitely rank well in search engines for various keywords. Just be natural and start posting! You will get backlinks from various sites from same theme and google just loves getting links from same like-minded sites.

If you are starting blog with the idea of getting top rank within search engines, then do not forget to read this or clear the basics.

Why Your Site Should Be Running A Wordpress Blog

September 13th, 2006
Author: Kyle

Wordpress is an exciting blog utility which provides an extremely easy to use interface making the process of getting your message out on the net quick and simple. With WordPress you can set up static pages so you don’t have to just blog. In fact, whole sites revolve around its code base and it can be maintain all yourself without being a professional webmaster.

Wordpress has been coded to be search engine friendly and conforms to W3 standards. You can easily set it up so the urls make use of your keyword rich title instead of all the dynamic parameters. Just having a blog is good for ranking well within the search engines. Writing content-rich articles and posts often creates pages that can be spidered and indexed. The pages the blog produces bring traffic and as you write more pages the search visitors will just keep coming. The more you write on the same topic over and over and assuming you’re writing quality posts, the more other sites will naturally begin to link to you and further increasing your search engine presence. Writing about the same subject matter will give the impression of you and your site as an authority within the search engines as well as with potential customers and clients.

There is no need to know how to code html, css, or any other scripting language. Creating and updating your Wordpress “site” is as easy as sending email in Hotmail. All the coding is done for you. Simply type and click submit, and your information is out on the internet for people to find. The Wordpress blog offers an easy way to create a fun, first rate website and maintain it with little to no fuss. We highly recommend one for anyone who has a hobby, a business, or simply wants to share their feelings. With Wordpress, you get your message out to the world.