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SimpleFoodie iphone frame in for the web

July 12th, 2009
Author: Andrew

Hello. This is a rough representation of what our iphone web app for SimpleFoodie looks like. I wish there were more established ways for iPhone apps to demo on the general web, but this method works great to demonstrate a mobile web app, provided you are not on IE.

If you are using Safari or Firefox to see this, all the rough functionality of the app should work just fine. Of course, you should just go to http://simplefoodie.com on your iphone or android phone to get it installed instantly and you will see it styled with the webkit extentions for CSS3. Take the quick tour of the app here and watch for more iPhone / android webkit safari apps for real estate and cellecast in the very near future.

If you are on MSIE, run away now, or if you are a fellow developer, give me some tips on how to make this work smoothly on all browsers, as one goal is to make future single apps we created that have iPhone usage at the core, also have most of their web functionality piped into blog posts like this. Any advice is appreciated.

Mobile Web Is Coming Front & Center

January 13th, 2009
Author: Kyle Wukawitz

Like most people, the beginning of the year makes me think about my future and my role as a developer in the online world. I am imaging the world of the desktop fading, with everything going mobile. The days of waiting to get home to check your email are at an end - get ready to be connected everywhere. In short, mobile web development will grow, a lot on all levels.

Mobile platforms are moving very fast, with the iphone and android, we will see a lot of mobile development in the near future, and internet on your smartphone will become cheap. There will be more and more mobile template for large scale websites. Front-end developers will have to adapt and make css template for mobile phones. Internet Explorer will lose ground, big time and be replaced with faster adapting services such as Firefox mobile and other newcomers.

For the developer, that means simpler designs that take advantage of the limited memory and screen space. The developer will need to adapt to become a ‘user-experience, usability’ guru as competition for simple yet elegant designs grow exponentially. Libraries that facilitate user-experience such as prototype.js and JQuery will make the jump to mobile web as well. Also, features that take advantage of geo-centric features that such devices afford will also come into the forground. The modern day web designer will fade into a more programistic genre of online design staff. Ease-of-use and simple style will regin suprime and crush the fading afterglow of Web 2.0.

The at home desktop personal computer will have its place in the in the new world of media - at least for now. But the stars that are about to take foreground and really shine are going to be the mobile devices that provide access to information to us virtually anywhere in the world. The future of the internet is the mobile web.

Startups and CGI

September 24th, 2008
Author: Andrew

I met an intelligent startup investor last year who put together this slideshare presentation on how to best deploy a web based business, leveraging resources to bring in users and revenue.

I want to share it here as a resource as well as to highlight a cultural attitude within that we adhere to at CGI: Build, measure, then iterate continually to make the interfacing as effective as possible. We agree that passion does indeed trump precision (not that they are mutually exclusive) and that the agile development approach on top of our custom codebase that scales easily is the best way to be successful as a web entrepreneur.