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CGI Pro offers reliable and inexpensive webhosting through its subsiderary With several different plans to choose from, you have the ability to host your site on quality server with excellent customer service and support. When it comes to reliability, we say "Always on, always there" we mean it, and we're here to make good on our promise. With a 99% uptime rate, you can have confidence knowing that your site will always be available for your visitors.

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Web Hosting 101

Good webhosting service is paramount to the success of any internet based company. The nightmare stories of server crashes, dataloss, and downtime all highlight the necessity of spending the effort assuring your site or business application is located on a stable system. With CGI Pro's Service, your site is virtually guaranteed to be available 24/7 with little to no downtime. With our competitive pricing to boot, CGI Pro's IM-Host is making its name as one of the net's premier web hosts for good reason.

About our Web Hosting Services

Our servers range from Dual Pentium III machines all the way up to Dual Opteron 64-bit monsters. Each machine has at least 1Ghz of processing power, with our most powerful range of servers running with 5Ghz. If you need power and reliability, we can offer you both many times over.

Fedora is our 64-bit operating system of choice. With Linux at its core, the most stable TCP/IP stack of all available server operating systems and a host of management tools it is the ultimate solution for reliability, flexibility and performance. We use the latest release with all security patches and updates applied, as well as our own custom security.

Pricing & Service

Industrial level service and reliability for as little as $5 per month no other site can offer you a full service account and keep the cost lower than we can. We have worked hard to effectively keep costs down without compromising quality or service.
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Good webhosting is paramount to the success of any good website. Your site's visitors must always have access to your site.