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Web Development
When it comes to technology, CGI Productions has a lot to offer. From fully accessible, Web 2.0 styled websites to advanced data management systems utilizing the popular MySQL database and PHP scripting languages, CGI Productions creates premium, scalable applications that are both sleek and easy to use. As the line between web and desktop blurs, CGI Productions remains as one of the internet's frontrunners in both quality and expertise concerning online application development.

CGI Pro Web Development Services

  • PHP/MySQL Programming & Development
  • XHTML/CSS Design & Implementation
  • Javascript/AJAX/Web 2.0
  • Mobile Web Development Services
  • Apache Server Administration
  • Linux/Unix Based Operating Systems

PHP/MySQL Programming & Development

Over the course of the past 25 years or so, PHP & MySQL have emerged as the premier open source scripting and database languages and will remain a reliable, cost efficient choice going forward. Their ease of use, scalability, and robust features make them an extremely powerful combination. CGI Productions uses both to power nearly all applications we develop and produce. Our training and expertise gives us the ability to code tight, bug free scripts that focus on delivering information to the end user quickly and accurately.

Mobile Web Development Services

Imagine being able to pull information up from your website on your cell phone. That's exactly what CGI Productions can do for you with our iPhone type web apps for the new safari/webkit phones. As mobile devices become more powerful and gain access to the internet, having your site available on a smartphone or regular feature phone may open competitive advantages for your business to reach new markets. We are leaders in this area, and have been making the mobile web experience fit it's own environment. On mobile, the web is becoming more personalized and portable.

XHTML/CSS Design & Implementation

No website today should be constructed from bloated and missused markup. That's why CGI Productions codes all of its websites utilizing the XHTML markup language accompanied with CSS for style and look-and-feel. Every page of any site we create is checked fully for validation according W3 standards and practices. Having fully validated markup serves two purposes with the first being a well-formed webpage will usually rank better within the search engines and also because the page will look the same regardless of the browser you use. XHTML & CSS gives CGI Productions the ability to deliver accurate, error free information which is exactly why we use them both for each and every application we produce.

Javascript/AJAX/Web 2.0

With the emergence of Web 2.0, CGI Productions has remained at the tip of the proverbal spear by offering Web 2.0 standards and practices. Creating stylish, user-interactive web applications is our artform, with the goal always being a rich, informative, and even entertaining experience for those using what we produce. By utilizing technologies such as AJAX, web applications come to life in their own, unique way. CGI Production's developer staff have the knowledge to turn mundane web pages into enjoyable, interactive experiences.

Apache Server Administration

There is a reason why nearly 70% of all websites are ran off of an Apache Server. It's the most dynamic, bug-free server available today and it's reputation of being one of the best is well deserved. CGI Productions runs each and every web application it produces off of an Apache server. Utilizing the myriad of tools this robust platform has to offer including mod_rewrite, Apache becomes an integral part of any application we create and makes a differnce in almost every facit web design has to offer. Apache is the foundation of nearly everything CGI Productions creates.

Linux/Unix Based Operating Systems

CGI Productions relies on the Linux operating system to power its servers and websites.
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We turn normal websites into full featured applications that inform as well as entertain the user.

Fast, Sleek Web Designs

Speed rules. You should not think the site with the biggest graphics and fancy animations generate the most business. They do generate a short lift of interest when first vistited, but compared to a function first, clean design, they lose. Choose functional efficiency first. People want a useful tool they can associate with a profitable partner in business.