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CGI Pro creates applications and services designed to improve communications within the modern organization-to keep workgroups connected, enable them to collaborate effectively, and streamline business processes.

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The proven success of company intranets in improving communication across the board has had a rebirth with the widespread availability of broadband internet. This newest success offers greater ease of use and availability by eliminating the dependency on intranet shared desktop applications and going completely online. Web applications are the successor to company-wide Intranet, and its easier and faster than you can believe.

Getting your business networked is essential to remain competitive and be in touch with local and global developments. What better way to do so than to deploy a Web-based application as part of your business process?

Web applications are database-driven sites that can serve a variety of functions. They can effectively communicate vital and up-to-date information about your products or services to both end-users and clients.

At CGI Pro, we design, develop and deploy secure and scalable Web-based applications for you. We handle all aspects from Web and Internet fundamentals to drafting the requirements list, database design, creating the database-driven pages, implementing security mechanisms, integrating with e-mail, data reporting, graphing etc.

You can use your web application to easily generate documents or reports on the fly, make changes to your web content, manage your e-commerce site, or mount a marketing campaign. No more fussing with complex VPN logins and access cards. With secure user logins, employees can login from any browser with a connection to the internet.

For the doers that dream big, CGI Pro can take your ideas and turn them into successful online business models. The dream of owning your own business doesn't have to be a full time chore. Running an online business is easy when web applications manage all the details for you. From eCommerce to paid services, web applications can solve a variety of business challenges.
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CGI Pro specializes in developing scalable web applications design to streamline business operational workflow.