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Company Vision and Strategy
What does it take to create the next sensation on the web? It takes a mindset that says the best way to predict the future is to invent it. People are at the center of CGI Pro's vision, because the web has enabled people to drive the future of business. We'll keep checking the pulse of the ever emerging mainstream, so we can help our clients serve their markets and gain a maximum return.

Company Vision and Strategy

The web is weaved deep into the fabric of our lives

Today, when you think of applications that have really changed the way we interact with our computers and with each other, you cannot separate it from the web. Whether it is Yahoo, eBay, MySpace, Hotmail,, a new web portal at work, or a company web site where you buy services, there is no denying that the applications that support this chapter of the information age are accessible to all and are delivered on the web.

CGI Pro has been part of this revolution since it's practical beginning over 27 years ago, inspired by the core belief that when you empower customers, partners and friends, you empower yourself. In order to make sites that empower those that use them, our first business philosophy is to empower our own clients through the creative process. We do this everyday by simply promising, "If you can imagine it, we can do it". For example, imagine a system that can transform a select cookbook into a store ready grocery list on your PDA... We did that for Herman Quispe. This is just one success story out of many.

CGI Pro's expanding web of services

From the early days where our emphasis was just on programming some great sites behind the scenes, CGI Pro has progressed into a service company that touches just about everything your website might touch, such as: web design, online marketing, data management, brand building, search engine optimization, business consulting, portable messaging, outsourced accounting, business process efficiency consulting, and more.

We have not stopped there because the new paradigm of business and entertainment today is inseparable from the webs we have weaved, and it is our passion to deliver both savings and profits to our clients, as well as real community to the public.
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Casting a Higher Vision

We love to dream of higher purposes. What are your goals and dreams and how do want your website convey your vision and values? We ask these kinds of questions as a way of making sure the soul of your project is preserved throughout the development process.