Andrew Deal
project manager, senior software engineer, business consultant


Skills at a Glance

Work Experience

Treatment Solutions Network (2010)

Treatment Solutions Network needed a rebuild of their current website's back end to replace all 3rd party software installations into a single comprehensive system to manage their blogging, social media, e-commerce and educational applications. Singlehandedly, I took over the transformation of their website replacing over 20 Mb of code with a clean 4 Mb result built on my codebase.


CGI Productions (1996-Present)

CGI Pro has been my web application development house company monicker since I first started to officially freelance. The company operated for roughly half the time as a single freelancing operation, and half the time with a number of associates both in the US and in India. At its peak in 2007, we had 8 associates in the US and 4 in our India office.

Key Projects at CGI Productions

CEO of CelleCast Inc. (2006-2009)

In addition to being the web application development lead, I lead the startup altogether as the founder/CEO

Technical Related Duties

CTO of Coracle Inc. (2001-2006)

Coracle was the final brand of a company originally called AdsforFree which was an SEO company designed to bring guaranteed first page of google results for clients for their related key words.

Webmaster (2001-2003)

Initially, my charge was to create a single free ads website from Perl, allowing free ads to be created along sponsored categories created by admin

Product Development Lead

Expanding from 1 state to 50, we needed to rewrite the database, and plan for very wide scale according to the vision of the founder.

Official CTO once large investors came in

With large investors at the table, I was charged to determine large scale expansion of the web operations and determine the viability of profitably servicing thousands of guaranteed search engine positions.

Technical Skills



Current fluent languages

Languages I have used in the past

These are languages I've worked in, but not on a regular basis.

Operating systems & software

Personal Pursuits

Husband, Father, Grandfather

Yes, grandfather already as I started early, and my wife is amazing.. kids too.

Beer making

As a home brewer, I love making a tangible product for friends, family, and me.


I love playing bass, although I have much less time for it since my peak in the 80's and 90's.


My greatest labor of love is going overseas and working with local pastors and leaders to strengthen their efforts.