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Search Engine Optimization
What good is having a stylish and informative website if noone can find it? At CGI Productions, we incorporate Search Engine Optimization techniques right into our site design. The way in which we layout a site's webpages often will improve it's ranking drastically. While a website created by CGI is optimized from the getgo, you may want to take it one step further by creating a brandable, informative, and unique marketing campaign which will yield a handsome return on your investment.

SEO & Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The sad truth behind internet marketing is that you can spend a lot of money on a beautiful website that nobody uses. Through careful website marketing and analysis, CGI Pro's staff of experienced marketing professionals can create effective campaign strategies to increase website visibility and traffic.


Whether you have an established offline presence and recognize the need to enhance your online brand recognition, or are already involved in online advertising but need a more focused search engine optimization(SEO) for your website, it is important to understand how your brand interacts with the Internet marketplace. Market positioning, competitive landscape analysis, defining your online marketing objectives. These are the concepts that make many a business owner's head swim. Our search engine optimization experts thrive on website analysis.

Before executing an SEO strategy, it's crucial to define online marketing objectives that make sense for your business, to quantify the potential of the Web for your business, and to determine the success metrics of online marketing. This enables calculations on how much to spend and why, and allows you to compare the results with other marketing efforts. We make sure our clients are clear and certain that the appropriate mix of online initiatives are used and their advertising dollars are not wasted.


Fixing simple design and layout problems often result in dramatic improvements in performance metrics. Usability analysis can get to the heart of your users' experience and needed provide solutions. Creating design layout that is intuitive and driven will improve a user's website experience while increasing brand trust that directly translates into sales dollars. With our experience in website reporting and measurement, we can demonstrate "before-and-after" results that will be refined into an effective return on your market dollar.


Computers and humans understand two separate languages. Semantic markup helps computers define and classify website information that humans can identify at a glance-resulting in more accurate searches and a higher quality of information flow across the internet. A properly coded semantic website will help search engines classify your website under its relevant search listings to improve your organic rankings.

Content Management

Keywords and key phrases govern search engine listing results. We focus on clean, keyword-rich content and incorporate it into your site in a natural fashion, giving your site the "authority" it needs to rank well. By avoiding the grey and black hat “techniques” and focusing on quality design, accessibility, and content, CGI Pro produces consistent top organic results that withstand time, search engine algorithm updates, and all other excuses SEO “gurus” claim for poor search results.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

An often overused tool to compensate for poor semantic strategy, PPC marketing offers the advantages of instant placement and control over when and where you are seen. When used in combination with a well designed, optimized site, a PPC marketing campaign can produce outstanding targeted results-often times at less cost than marketing a poorly optimized site.

Our online marketing experts create highly targeted campaigns that maximize exposure and visibility while minimizing cost through holistic use of SEO and SEM. With meticulous attention to reports, CGI Pro maximizes return on investment to the fullest extent possible.
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Effective SEO can mean the difference between so-so profits and making it big in both traffic and sales.